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Call us: 509-299-3029
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JD Berry
Frequesntly Asked Questions

Q: How do I order?
A: Please call 509-299-3029 for all new orders.

Q: How will my bow arrive?
A: US Mail. Over the years I have used them all. The US Mail has the best record for safely delivering your package and in one piece. I ship 3 days and insured.

Q: Do I have to get a grip like the bow pictured?
A: No. I am a custom bowyer and craft each and every bow. The most common grip for longbows are pistol, positive locator, dished, and straight.

Q: What are your bow weight specs?
A: Your longbow will be within 2 pounds of your dessired weight.

Q: What string material is shipped with the bow?
A: Fast Flight. 

Q: Can you tiller the bow for 3 under?
A: In most cases the archer can tune the bow for 3 under. Most of the time it is a 1/8" adjustment from split-finger.

Q: I like the looks of the JD Berry nocks, are they extra?
A: No. They are more work, but they are a better and safer bow nock.

Q: How close to center shot are your bows?
A: Longbows are 1/8" from center.