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JD Berry
The Morning Star is a forward handle american style longbow design that coomes straight out of the 1950's, made popular by Howard Hill.  If you like a forward handle design and want to keep that tradition, this is the longbow for you.  Very easy to aim and shoot and is very forgiving due to the design.  The handle length is 15" and the handle style is straight or dish with exotic hard woods.  The back set design is 3/4" @ 68".  It has a taper limb core made of Bamboo, Maple, Black Walnut, or Elm.  There are many back and face laminations to choose from under clears glass or the following colored glass options; black, brown, or white.  This model comes with wedge tips only.  

Bow Length: 64" - 68"
Draw Weight: 35 lbs - 65 lbs (over 65 is $25)
Warranty: 1 year
Price: $575
Morning Star (forward handle)