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JD Berry
Traditional Bows Since 1980
The Valor is the newest to the JD Berry longbow line. The Valor is a forward handle with backset limb design making it a smooth draw and a great shooting longbow. 

Spec information: Bow length: 62-68 inches back set limbs with:1 inch@fade outs,1/2@limbs string nocks riser. The Valor can be order with, dish, straight or slight locator. Leather wrap grip is Swede or smooth out leather.
Lamination core: Can be ordered with, Osage, Maple, Bamboo, Locust, Elm and Black walnut.

Glass colors: Black, White, Green, Light brown, Dark brown, Light gray, Dark gray, Red and Clear glass.

Bowstring: B-50 or fast fight.

Price: $850.00 including shipping