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JD Berry
Traditional Bows Since 1980
The Vixen is an american simi longbow commonly referred to as a straight end longbow the Vixen carries between 4-6 laminations and comes with a limb wedge. The handle length is 12 inches from fade out to fade out.  The Vixen has a back set design of around 1”at 68" and the handle style can be straight or slight dish. The leather is smooth or swede and the glass is clear or colored.  The limb taper woods are your choice of Elm, Maple, Bamboo, or a custom exotic wood of your choice (call and we can disguss your design and wood choice).  With as J. D. Berry longbows,they are very quiet and stable.  All american style longbows are deep core, sleek limbs with the average limb 1” at the fade out and 1/2” at the limb nock.​ Glass colors options are Black, White,Green, Light brown, Dark brown, Light gray,
Dark gray, Red and Clear glass.                       Bow Length: 64" - 70"
Draw Weight: 25 pounds to 60 pounds
($25 additional charge for higher poundage)
Price: $850.00 including shipping USA